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Martech Systems

Computer systems have changed a lot since MarTech Systems began in 1986. One thing though, hasn't changed; our commitment to quality software applications. The Blue Ribbon and Folio product lines are a group of products and services that provide a total information system solution for your fair, exposition, or venue.

Features at a glance:

O Interactive tracking of exhibitors and entries

O Livestock show and sale

O Print entry tags and judging sheets

O Process straight, pro-rated, and sliding scale premiums

O Generate premium checks and publicity reports

O Built-in multiuser network and remote computing

O Hundreds of standard reports and a built in end-user report creator

O Largest installed user base in the US and Canada

Speedy data entry. All data entry for exhibitors and livestock is done in one spot. Quick tabs conveniently open up the exhibitor, entries, livestock and fee screens, so that you don't waste any time in the data entry process. Intelligent features abound like the automatic city and state lookup. Enter the Zip code and the system will quickly fill the city and state fields.

Fast reporting capabilities. Blue Ribbon Fair Management can also generate hundreds of different reports. The exclusive Point-and-Shoot report selector lets you pick what data you want to see on the report. There is no need to create your own reports, it's already done for you. Plus, if you need a custom report, the built-in report designer lets you design reports on the fly, and save them for later use.

Flexible premium processing. Blue Ribbon Fair Management is the only system that can efficiently process any combination of straight, pro-rated, and sliding scale premiums, without any extra effort by the user. Plus the premium editor lets you put in add-on premiums and special awards at a moments notice. The system even prints premium checks and 1099 forms for the exhibitors.

Market animal show and sale. The market animal show and sale is a snap with Blue Ribbon Fair Management. The system tracks animals, buyers, and sellers. Our exclusive visual Group Breaks is the easiest way to split livestock for the show. Once breaks are made, you can print show programs, judges sheets, and sale order lists. During the sale, you can do add-ons, splits, turn to the floor, buy backs, and any number of flat or percentage deductions. The system will even print an invoice on the spot. After the sale, press a button and sale checks and loading reports are generated with ease.

Market query. You can dump your spreadsheet programs because a spreadsheet is now built into the Fair Management System. The Market Query is the most flexible and sophisticated system for analyzing your show data. Break or move livestock into groups with relative ease. Enter ending weights the fastest way possible. Blue Ribbon's all new Market Query lets you work your data without the mess of exporting to an outside program.

Scalable database. Blue Ribbon Fair Management is scalable to fit your particular needs. Our database technology works on small or large fairs, single user, or multi-user networks.

Network Support. The Fair Management System can be run single user, or on a local area network. Leverage the power of Microsoft Networking by connecting all your machines with inexpensive network cards and cable. Multi-user networking is built in the program so that everyone connected can use the system. The system's remote computing capabilities will even let you take the system to locations that are not connected.

Superior documentation. All of our software systems come complete with extensive printed user documentation and integrated on-line help. We also supply our manuals in a fully searchable Adobe Acrobat .PDF format so you can print out extra copies at your convenience. A full line of training videos are also available

Service and support. When you purchase the system you get one full year of unlimited support. This includes full support from staff technicians during scheduled office hours.

During the fair season, staff is on hand seven days a week to answer your questions. MarTech Systems offers you various support options to meet the needs of your fair.

While other companies have you talk to an answering service, MarTech Systems is available to provide support to your fair based upon the support option you choose.

Twenty-four hour web site access is available to receive answers to frequently asked questions, receive information on current updates, download current updates, and leave email messages.